NBC Systems

PASS DEFENCE has extensive experience in providing integrated solutions to address NBC threats of all kinds, located anywhere, even in envelopes and mailing packages both for public security bodies and private individuals.

The equipment and systems we provide are modern, portable or not, with simple operation, easy to use, without complicated installation requirements and certified in accordance with international standards, including:

Protective masks CBRN MASK.pdf
• Anti-glare spray masks fog SPRAY.pdf
• Mask testers  8020M_DATA SHEET.pdf
• Protective Clothing of type A, B, C CHEMI COVER DRESS S89.pdf
• Body Cooler Vests (cool vest) Cool Vest.pdf
• Radiological Detection Systems
• Paper Sheet Chemical detectors CALID-3.pdf
• Personal Dosimeters EPD MK2 DOSIMETER.pdf
• NBC decontamination equipment & systems for individual and installations Portaflex.pdf
• Decontamination Agents DECON FLUIDS.pdf DECON SYSTEMS.pdf
• Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion RSDL 1ST RESPONDERS.pdf RSDL Military.pdf
•Portable Isolation Chambers (negative pressure chamber) CHAMBERS 
• Patient Isolation Units THE_INNOVATION_BIOBAG_EBV_30_40.pdf
• Portable Positive Pressure Units COLPRO-300.pdf
• NBC Marking Materials 

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