Aviation Power packs

The Red Flash portable power packs are designed to start turbine engines and provide ground power supply.

With the proven reliability of the largest manufacturer of portable starters DMS TECHNOLOGIES (UK), our starters will start every military and commercial aircraft and helicopter.

Main Benefits:

Designed for high rate engine start applications including aircraft and helicopters
Compatible with 24V & 28V aircraft systems
Parallel port – to double capacity
DC starting power in excess of 3000A
Man portable
Classified non-hazardous for land or air transportation
Operating temperature range -40°C to +50°C
Safety features

The user can carry the power pack on board their airplanes and helicopters and use them in any airfield or heliport without the need for an external power source, since they are classified as non-hazardous for land or air transportation.

The DMS TECHNOLOGIES power packs are already used for starting various airplanes and helicopters of the Hellenic Air Force, the Army Aviation and private airlines, in Greece and Cyprus.

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