Simulation Services (Simulator)

PASS DEFENCE has established a special simulators section for CBT training (Computer Based Training) to aircraft - helicopters - armored – vehicles, depicting the Greek and foreign ground, by digitizing maps.

We are providing individual and group training, resulting in operational benefits and large amounts savings, for the users of the systems.

TEXARMA (Tactical Battle Tank Simulator)

PASS DEFENCE collaborates with the American company eSim Games for developing the Tactical Battle Tank Simulator (TEXARMA), that is used by various Western countries armies (USA - UK - Germany – The Netherlands - Denmark etc.) as well as units of the Greek Army in Northern Greece, in the English, German and Dutch language.


• Creating of three-dimensional maps of existing data, or data supplied by your Service.
• Creating of S Bs Pro maps for any place in the world on multiple scales, with detail and accuracy.
• Training your trainers to the usage and full utilization of the system capabilities.
• Creating of familiarization courses, use and practicing of individual and group training.
• Map making and tactical scenarios support, according to your requirements.
• Supply and transformation of cartographic data in various internationally recognized types.
• Creating of new systems, existing or imaginary, for use in various applications (analysis, training)
• Creating three-dimensional details models (3D Studio Max, Maya, Openflight, Geo, VRML, etc.) for use in various real-time                        applications or not.
• Creating of educational material for training using computers (Computer Based Training).
• Construction and support of visual-sound installations for simulators, partial immersion theaters, training halls.

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