NBC protection

Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC)  Protection Services.

PASS DEFENCE has an excellent experience in the research, development and support of Collective Protection systems for the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) defence industry and environmental systems for military and civil applications. 

PASS DEFENCE supports the Hellenic Armed Forces, Athens 2004 Olympic Games Commitee, private organizations in Greece and Reporters' Union of Hellenic and Foreign Press with complete solutions about the NBC protection.

Equipment Provision

PASS  DEFENCE provides certified nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) personal protective equipment (PPE)  and products in order to prepare you for responding and surviving today's increasing threat of global terrorism using weapons of mass destruction (WMD).
We also provide industrial safety equipment, as well as  civil / defense safety products and HAZMAT products.


PASS DEFENCE has the expertise and infrastructure to offer the right choices in terms of necessary NBC protection.
The staff of the company has trained by all companies we represent in Greece, in the use and maintenance of their systems and we are also authorized to provide training to all users in Greece.


PASS  DEFENCE provides you with various sources of late breaking national and international news and legislation regarding to the NBC protection. 

PASS  DEFENCE provides a list of upcoming events where you can view our products and speak with our experts about your NBC protection needs. Our NBC experts travel the world to attend conferences and trade shows to stay abreast of the latest NBC  technologies and information.

We provide integrated NBC Defense and protection such as:

Contamination Avoidance: Reconnaissance, Detection, Alarm and Communication.
Individual Protection: Masks, Glove, Boots and Clothing.
Collective Protection: Vehicles, Vans, COLPRO Shelters.
Decontamination: Remediation Solutions and Applicator.
Medical: Medical Defence Equipment (less vaccines).

Popular products

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