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The provision of advisory and technical services to foreign manufacturers of systems, in the areas of Defence, Security and Telecommunications addressed to the Greek - Cypriot market.

"Produce what you can sell, rather than trying to sell what you can produce! ..."

For having a successful strategy of a company marketing process, which is resulting from a long-term Business Plan, it should be supported by the appropriate Marketing Plan. A good Marketing Plan helps the business to define its goals and develops a series of activities - marketing processes to achieve these goals.

Benefits of a Marketing Plan:

• Recognition of the needs and requirements of the customers.
• Increase in the demand for products and services.
• Design of new products that fulfills the customer’s needs.
• Identification of competitors and exploitation of the comparative advantages.
• Identification of new or potential customers.
• Check whether the applied strategies yield the desired results.

The establishment of an effective Marketing Plan should be based on full analysis of the internal and external environment of the enterprise and aim at improving of the company’s products / services competitive position, while ensuring the required profitability. During the initial drafting, it must be simple and understandable to be feasible and acceptable.
Furthermore, during its application, requires constant adaptation to the new circumstances, which arise in the market, and the market measurements that are taken in regular intervals. Our company has long experience in supporting the Marketing Strategy of its customers and to establish efficient Marketing Plans using the latest modern methodology supported by the development of appropriate Marketing Process.
The chart below shows the proposed methodology of our company for the development of Marketing Plan, which consists of the following steps:


In order to monitor the implementation of the Marketing Plan, we use specific indicators (eg investment costs per sales unit) which help in taking corrective actions, continuously.

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