Underwater work

Our company is in exclusive partnership with the company TRITON DIVERS GP undertakes the following diving works:

• Ship Cleaning
• Discolorations and marine and luxury boats colorations
• Pipeline-laying
• Port works
• Floating piers & extensions placement 
• Inspections cages in fish farms
• Video
• Hauling (wrecks)
• Proofing
• Underwater welding
• Damage repairs
• Marine antifouling services
• General diving works

It is staffed with divers, who are having extensive experience and they are well awarded, in the field of commercial diving.

Our main objective is the safety at work, in combination with the provision of high quality underwater services.

The TRITON DIVERS ensures their work through the applied quality assurance system BQC ΙSO 9001 2008, certified by BQC.

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